The technology of the dental world has come a very… very long way. And our office is at the front of the lines with the latest and greatest. But before we brag about our latest and greatest technology let’s take a look at just how far the dental industry has come.

Early 20th Century

This was an exciting time because electricity had made household chores, such as vacuuming and laundry a much easier task. But it wasn’t just an amazing time for those trying to keep their home clean, this was also a breakthrough for dentists. For the first time they were able to use electric drills to perform treatments for cavities.

There were a couple of other extraordinary innovations during the early 1900s that had an impact on the way that dentist treated patients. Charles Land created a porcelain jacket crown that acted as a protective cover to the surface of the tooth. Then, Alfred Einhorn ( a German chemist) created procrain, which was a new local anesthetic. This was the first time dentists were able to help ease the discomfort that patients endured during procedures. Heinrich Braun brought it to the U.S. in 1907 and it is now a familiar anesthetic called – Novocaine.


The Model A Dental X-Ray was introduced in the 1920s, however in its early stages the patient and the dentist were required to stay at least one foot away from the high-voltage wire. But in the 1930s it was transformed, which gave it a flexible x-ray head that was easy to adjust, leaving the “safe” distance up to 17 inches.

In 1923 the American Association of Dental Schools was established, which made this profession official, gave proper education, and required dentists to abide by certain laws and guidelines.

During the 1930s Frederick S. McKay determined that stains on his patients teeth were related to the water supply, which could be eradicated with appropriate levels of fluoride. By the year 1945 fluoridate drinking water was introduced to the general public.


In 1949 Oskar Haggar, a swiss chemist, developed the first bonding acrylic resin to dentin.

In 1950 the first toothpaste that included fluoride as an ingredient became available for the public to purchase at local convenience stores.


Finally the dental industry started looking at the comfort of the patient, which lead to the first full reclining chair in 1958. Dental hygienists actually found that this improved productivity and shortened treatment time. Not to mention the patients felt less stress and anxiety.

The Late 20th Century

In 1960 Switzerland introduced the first electric toothbrush to the U.S. and Columbia offered the very first master’s degree in dental hygiene.

In 1989 the first over-the-counter teeth bleaching products were introduced.

The 21st Century

Incredible advances have been made in the past 100 years. They have transformed how dentists work and what the patient’s experience. Less-invasive implants and new uses for lasers have become a common part of today’s dentistry. We’ve come so far that it will be an interesting journey to see what the future holds.

Our Advanced Technology

Finally, we come to point where we get to share our office technology. We have the luxury to work with some of the most advanced equipment to make sure our patients have a comfortable and pleasant experience. Our knowledgeable and incredibly friendly staff works with the finest to make sure that our patients are at ease throughout treatment.

Our dental technology includes:

● Digital X-Rays
● Intra-Oral Camera
● Paperless Charting
● Panoramic X-Rays
● Auto Appointment Reminders
● Electronic Claims
● Catch Cavities with Spectra

Being able to treat our patients with the latest technology is something we take pride in. When you are here, you are family and we want nothing but the best for our family. If you are interested in more information about the advances that have been made in the dental world, contact our office today.