Dental HealthThe cold days of winter are here. If you live somewhere where the weather gets cold, icy, rainy or snowy, winter is something you may not look forward to. Winter can mean days of being cooped up inside if you don’t have a passion for winter outdoor activities.

While those who enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities have been looking forward to this time of the year. Others, on the other hand, dread the winter. To them the cold is unbearable. Some are not physically able to handle the cold, the rain or snow.

These individuals, affectionately called “snowbirds” often escape the cold by vacationing down south where it is sunny and warm.

Florida is a popular destination for these snowbirds to take their winter vacation to escape the cold. Cities such as Miami, Tampa Bay, and Fort Lauderdale, in particular, are magnets for these winter refugees.

While a warm, Florida vacation is a time of fun and games (and relaxation), it is also a good time to take a look at your dental health.

Have you had a nagging toothache that won’t go away? Have you been putting off your bi-annual teeth cleaning due to a crowded schedule?

Winter vacations, after all, are about being with friends and family, and consuming a lot of food you probably shouldn’t have, right? Who has time to see a dentist?

A winter vacation offers you precious time to get your teeth looked at and also time to recover should you need more intensive dental work.

If your winter getaway takes you to Fort Lauderdale, you can conveniently get your dental needs met at Galleria Dentistry. Our Fort Lauderdale dentist office provides a wide range of dental services so you can get needed restorative and preventative dental work while relaxing on your winter vacation.

Our dentists in Fort Lauderdale are professional and knowledgeable. We also know your time is valuable and that you came down to relax and have fun, not spend it in a dentist chair.

Not too many people get excited about going to the dentist, especially on vacation, but there are many benefits of maintaining your dental health.

  • When you visit a Fort Lauderdale dentist, that persistent dental pain and discomfort can be addressed and treated, allowing you to better enjoy your vacation. The freedom from the discomfort and pain will also allow you to enjoy life better after vacation too.
  • Getting dental work done during your Florida winter vacation will make it easier to get dental work done. The less crowded dental offices will make it easier to make appointments, and the nice weather makes the trip to the dentist easy. Instead of braving the snow, rain, and cold to get to the dentist, you can enjoy a peaceful, safe commute. This can also come in handy for dental procedures requiring multiple visits or if there is an emergency.
  • You may also have an opportunity to receive dental treatment you may not have been able to get at your local dentist.
  • If you have a flexible spending account with unused funds in it, your end-of-the-year winter vacation is a great time to use those funds before they are lost.

While winter vacations to sunny, warm Florida are to be fun and relaxing, they can also be great opportunities to take care of your dental health.