Continuing Dental Education

Dr. Geronemus believes in continuing education and learning the newest and innovative techniques for perfecting your smile


Why Periodontal Disease Should Be Treated Lecturer Dr.  Raul Cook
Cardio-Pulminary Resuscitation Lecturer Dr. Tom McCawley
Implant Design Innovations Lecturer Olivier Larrauri
The Latest Advances in Anti-Infective Treatment  Dr. Thomas Rams
Annual Bloodborne Pathogens Training–Lecturer Stericycle


Anterior mplant Aesthetics Lecturer Dr. Todd Sawich
How To Avoid Mistakes In Your Implant Restorations Lecturer Dr. Robert Vogel
Is Periodontal Disease Preventable Lecturer Dr. Barry Kligerman


Optimal Treatment Solutions For Edentulous Patients Using All-0n-4 Lecturer Dr. Brad Ross
Treatment Planning Session Lecturer Dr. Chris Freeman
CPR Lecturer Dr. Nicholas DeTure
Minimally Invasive Dentistry Lecturer Colleen Burns
Expanding the Boundaries of Aesthetic Dentistry Lecturer Dr. Irwin Smigel
Solving Restorative Problems in Clinical Practice Lecturer Dr. Marvin Fieer
Predictable Implant Aesthetics Lecturer Dr. Richard Lemongello
Aesthetic Regeneration Using Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery Lecturer Dr. Hoexter
Aesthetic Provisionals Lecturer Adrian Jurim
New Paradigms in Periodontal Therapy Lecturer Dr. Tom McCawley The TMD Connection Lecturer Dr. Harold Menchel


The Reality of Lasers for Everyday Dentistry Lecturer Dr. Don Wilson
Parameters of Disease Diagnosis to Enhance Case Acceptance Lecturer Dr. Mark Setter
NirtousOxide-Oxygen Analgesia and Oral Sedation for Anxiolysis Lecturer Dr. Edward Fellows
Implant Innovations and Regenerative Products Lecturer Olivier Larrauri
Dentin Bonding Myth or Reality Lecturer Dr. Frederick Knoll
The Artist Within-How to create Exceptional Provisionals Lecturer Dr. Jay Lerner
Expanding the Boundaries of Aesthetic Excellence Lecturer Dr. Irwin Smigel
Why Direct Composites are Here to Stay Lecturer Paul Belvedere
First Impressions Do count! Impressions and Provisionals Lecturer Dr. Howard Glazer
The Art of a Beautiful Smile Lecturer Dr. Kurtle
How Dental Lasers are Impacting the Delivery of Aesthetic Dental Treatment Lecturer Dr. Lowe
Predictable Direct Composite Placement Techniques Lecturer Dr. Paul Belvedere
Current Trends in Implant Placement and Loading Lecturer Dr. Shafie
Oral Cancer From Both Sides Lecturer Dr. Hamburg


CPR Lecture L. Rosen
Captek Lecturer Nick Azzara
Clinical Experience vs.Dental Manufactures Suggestions Lecturer Dr. Daryl Roy
Periodontal Medicine ,Connections Between Oral and Systemic Health Lecturer Dr. Brian Mealy
Treatment Planning Session Lecturer Dr. John Stone
Prevention of Medical Errors and Domestic Violence Lecturer Dr. Michael Regan
Expanding the Boundaries of Aesthetic Excellence Lecturer Dr. Irwin Smigel
The Art of Temporization Lecturer Dr. Elliot Mechanic
All the Smiles a Stage and All the Teeth Merely Players Lecturer Dr. Golub-Evans
Interdisciplinary Approach for Better Aesthetic Results Lecturer Dr. Phpip Gurel
Socket Grafting and Ridge Preservation Lecturer Dr. Kenneth Levine
New Horizons with Zirconia Laminate Veneers Lecturer Adrian Jurim
Presenting a New Breakthrough in Periodontal Therapy: LANAP Lecturer Southeast Institute for Advanced Dental
Recipes of Predictable Esthetics Lecturer Dr. Gerald Chiche
Restorative/Implants: Referral to Specialist Lecturer Dr. Henry Salama


Implants 2008 Lecturer Dr. Nicholas DeTure
Transforming Patients Lives With Dental Implants Lecturer Dr. Richard Geronemus & Dr. Barry Kligerman
Treatment Planning Session Lecturer Dr. Barry Segal
The Artist Within:How to Create Exceptional Provisionals Lecturer New York University College of Dentistry
Integrating CAD CAM Lecturer Straumann faculty
Discover the Secrets for Wowing Your Patients Lecturer Jay Geier
Managing Risk in General Dentistry Lecturer OMS National Insurance Company

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