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What are Your Tooth Replacement Options?

Even with the new technology, dental work over 20 years old will likely need some work at some point. The harsh conditions of the mouth can cause excessive wear and tear that can easily dislodge or damage even the most hardy dental work. It's possible that a tooth may need to be removed. Luckily, we have dental options that will keep you smiling long into your 80's and 90's! You should have missing teeth replaced as soon as possible. If you still have the tooth, and it's fallen out within the past few hours, we may be able to reinsert [...]

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10 Reasons to go to the Dentist

The dentist is not a fun place to go for most people. In fact, many dental patients put off seeing their dentists for many years. There are many reasons people don’t go to the dentist, including fear of the dentist, the high cost of treatment, forgetfulness or embarrassment. No matter what your reason is for ditching the dentist, you are putting your dental health and possibly your overall health at risk. Here are 10 reasons you should take a trip to your dental office: Time for a check-up. It is recommended that you visit the dentist every six months for [...]

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Why It’s Important to Maintain Great Oral Hygiene

Throughout your entire life, you’ve likely heard your parents, commercials, and other authorities tell you how important it was to take care of your body. Doing things like eating healthy and exercising help you maintain a high level of health and a high quality of life. You’ve likely also heard that you need to take care of your oral hygiene on a regular basis. Doing things like brushing your teeth and flossing keep your teeth and gums strong. But why is it so important to maintain great oral hygiene? Let’s take a look at the basics of oral hygiene and [...]

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