woman with dental questionSix months has come and gone since your last dental visit and now it’s time to go in again.

Many patients dislike going to the dentist and postpone going.

For those who do come in, they want the visit to be as short as possible.

While the reasons patients want a short dental visit is understandable (ex. Busy schedule, fear, fussy children), the desire to get in and out of the dentist office overrides the asking of important dental questions to their dentist.

What kinds of questions could you possibly ask your dentist? Your dentist, after all, is the professional and he has all the dental equipment. He can find out and tell you the status of your teeth and gums.

That’s all you need to know, right? Your teeth and gums are either in good shape or they’re not.

Your dentist might be busy so you don’t want to bother her with additional, maybe even dumb questions.

Maybe you are afraid to visit the dentist and a short appointment with no questions asked is all you may be able to tolerate. The dentist is the specialist and he will clearly explain to you all you need to know.

Questions You Should Always Ask Your Dentist

As short as you try to make your dentist appointment, there are some questions that are important to ask, if you haven’t asked them already. Your dental health, like your physical health is important to maintain. To ensure its health, you will likely have to ask your dentist specific questions during your dental visit.

If you can’t think of any questions to ask, here are some questions you can ask:

  1. What can I do to improve my overall dental health?

Realizing that your daily, at-home dental care habits have the greatest effect on your oral health, is the premise behind this question. Another way of phrasing this question can be: What are the best ways to practice proper dental hygiene at home?

You can also surprise the dentist by following the previous question with asking your dentist how he or she will improve your dental health.

  1. How do I prevent tooth decay, gingivitis and other dental problems?

Nobody, regardless of their age likes to hear that they have cavities, gum disease or worse, oral cancer.  The best way to protect your mouth (and get praise at your next dental visit) is to prevent these dental health issues from occurring in the first place. Your dentist will know what you should do to be tooth decay, gum disease and cancer-free.

  1. Why is my tooth (or teeth) sensitive?

You may be hesitant to ask this knowing that your dentist will likely respond by conducting further examinations and therefore, prolonging your dental visit. Tooth sensitivity can be a sign of a serious dental issue and shouldn’t be ignored.

  1. Is there anything you need to know from my doctor?

Believe it or not, your physical and dental health are interconnected and both need to be healthy for wellbeing. Sometimes medications you’re taking can have negative side effects on your teeth and gums. It is also not uncommon for a dental health issue to be caused by another, undetected health issue in another part of your body.

  1. Is there anything that I should tell my doctor about?

This question flips the previous question around. Just like an infection, disease or injury in another part of the body can lead to dental health problems, problems in your dental health can cause other health issues elsewhere in your body. Both your doctor and dentist need to be informed about the health status of your mouth and body. Do you have any recommendations for my diet?

  1. What should my dental health care plan look like?

No two mouths are the same. Just like physical health, everyone has unique dental health risks, concerns and needs. Going in to see the dentist twice a year might not be frequent enough for your specific oral health needs. Ask your dentist about your own, personal dental health schedule.

If you’re switching dentists, be sure to ask about the insurance they take and what their prices are for services.

Patients with small children or those expecting should ask their dentist questions about a child’s first dental cleaning and exam, how to teach good dental hygiene practices to their kids and how to make their kids feel comfortable at the dentist.

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