Concierge Dentistry FAQ

At Galleria Dentistry we offers concierge dental services that are customized to fit your specific needs.

1-What is Concierge Dentistry?

Concierge dentistry is a patient-first philosophy that allows us to provide customized, high-quality solutions. Galleria Dentistry is extremely patient-oriented and our recommendations are always based on what the patient needs and not what the insurance wants or allows.

2-Do You Charge an Annual Fee?

No. At Galleria Dentistry we do not charge an annual fee to take advantage of our concierge dental services.

3-How Does This Affect Dentist Availability?

The dentist is available 24/7 for existing patients. You will never have to work through an answering service or machine. Dental emergencies will be dealt with immediately.

4-Do You Work with Other Specialists?

Yes, and only the best ones. If we need to refer you to another doctor, we will always recommend the most qualified and skilled specialists. We are not limited by financial incentives or corporate sponsorships, so when referrals are made, they are always to benefit the patient.

5-What Kind of Treatment Can I Expect from Concierge Dentistry?

We focus on creating a family-like atmosphere. Dr. Geronemus treats all of his patients as if they were family, taking the time to build relationships rather than rushing from one patient to the next.

Dr. Geronemus works closely with his patients, listening to their concerns, fears, and desires so he can provide the most effective treatments. This kind of dedication has earned Dr. Geronemus several life-long patients, and some that are actually multi-generational.

6-What Amenities are Available In-Office?

The waiting room is fully stocked with water, coffee, and other refreshments. Throughout the treatment, patients can watch movies on “virtual reality glasses” and take advantage of Bose noise-cancelling headphones.

7-What is Your Approach to Concierge Dentistry?

We take an holistic approach to dentistry – meaning that we see this as part of your overall health. That means we will always recommend the treatments that are beneficial to you, rather than what the insurance companies say you need or can have.

8-What Kind of Technology Do You Have In-Office?

We have focused on building an office where we can provide state-of-the-art, painless care. We use minimally invasive treatments that employ specialized tools like the high-power looped and intra-oral camera with 60x.

We also use VELscope, the first device cleared by the FDA to detect abnormal tissues, including cancer or pre-cancer cells. We also use a microscope test in our office to find bacteria that are potentially associated with dental diseases and other overall health problems.

Also, in order to ensure quality results, we have an onsite dental technicians who works in the lab and can make immediate alterations if necessary to ensure you get the very highest standard of care.

9-Are there any VIP Perks to Concierge Dentistry?

Of course. If you have two cleanings a year, you can receive free home bleaching every year for a one-time purchase.

10-Can You Help with Insurance and Financing?

Our accommodating account management staff can handle any insurance questions you have and help electronically complete and send (when applicable) everything necessary to recieve the quickest benefit. We also offer patient-friendly 12 month free financing or extended payments with fair rates determined by your credit.