At Galleria Dentistry we offer metal-free dental crowns that deliver the cosmetic and restorative results you need.

We use crowns when a significant portion of the tooth has been lost or damaged through trauma or decay. Sometimes the tooth is still worth saving, so we’ll use a crown rather than a full implant. We use the most recent technology and techniques to create a porcelain crown that fits perfectly on your tooth, preserving the bite as well as the appearance of your smile.

Dental Crowns

The Benefits of Dental Crowns

Our high-tech procedures are designed to create crowns that strengthen teeth that have been weakened or damaged by infections and cavities. They can be used after root canal therapy, and the results look great.

Most importantly, dental crowns allow us to preserve as much of the original tooth as we can, so the final results will look great and function just like the rest of your teeth.

A Professional Solution

At Galleria Dentistry we are committed to providing the results you need and the smile you want. This is the most efficient way to revitalize and strengthen damaged teeth. We have extensive experience providing these types of solutions and even have an in-office laboratory to assist with some procedures.

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