fort lauderdale beach signFlorida has a proud, rich history of being inclusive of people from all different walks of life. That is one of the things we love best about our community. Being a Ft. Lauderdale dentist means that we get to know a wide variety of people from different cultures. Our patients help make our business better and we try to give back to them through our concierge services. This means we place a strong emphasis on treating our patients in a way that places their health and dental needs first. We do this by customizing everything around you.

A Dental Work Vacation

We want all our patients to have a great smile they can feel confident showing. One of our goals is to make our atmosphere like the city we are in; fun, energetic, and relaxing. One thing that Ft. Lauderdale is known for is being a popular travel destination. Cruises are especially popular and had over 41 cruise ships leave from Port Everglades carrying close to 4 million people in 2015 alone. While you may not always come in to the dental office looking for a vacation, we do our best to make it pain free and comfortable with sedation dentistry.

We do not just do preventative dentistry with dental cleanings, oral health care, and small cavity fillings. Our patients can trust us to do everything we can in our office, including

  • Gum Disease Therapy
  • Cosmetic Dentistry- including teeth whitening, bonding, lumineers, and veneers
  • Smile Restorations

We use pain free, high technology dental therapy to treat problems including lasers and painless injections. With these tools, you can almost feel like you are kicking back and relaxing on any of our nearby beaches during your visits here. Flip-flops are always an acceptable footwear option for our patients.

Gamble-free Dental Work

Florida is known for being the third most active gambling state, with Ft. Lauderdale acting as a major epicenter of the activity. That doesn’t mean everyone in Ft. Lauderdale likes gambling in every area of their life though, especially when it comes to dental work. Choosing a Ft. Lauderdale dentist doesn’t have to be risky, and patients trust us to do the job right the first time.

To better serve our patients, we are always willing to work out a financing option to pay for work. Because of our concierge service philosophy, we know that getting problems fixed is the priority. Never wait to fill a cavity, risking that it will get worse and need more invasive work done. We want you to be able to get high-quality work done in a timely manner and for a reasonable price.

Our office is always open to questions. If you ever want an explanation on the work we offer, the work we have done, or just want to take a tour to see if we are the right office for you, come on in. We want you to feel comfortable and safe getting your dental work done. Please let us show you how much we love serving our community by giving them the best dental service.