woman with great smileHave you ever looked at your teeth and wished that you could just change their shape? Sometimes the smallest cosmetic changes can have the biggest effect on your confidence. That’s what cosmetic dentistry is all about, and it’s a type of dentistry that’s becoming more accessible for more people.

Changing the shape of your teeth is one of the most common forms of cosmetic dentistry and can have one of the greatest positive effects for your overall look. Let’s take a look at the ways you can change the shape of your teeth and, as a result, improve your confidence in your smile.


Veneers are one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures used to change the way your teeth look. They can be used for a variety of reasons, but the common reasons include covering teeth that are discolored, misshapen, damaged or to cover gaps between teeth. Made from porcelain, veneers are easy to install on your teeth and need little to no maintenance.

When you get veneers, your dentist will first prepare your tooth by removing a thin layer of enamel and may reshape the tooth as needed. Next, a mold is made of the tooth that’s going to be covered and the veneers are made. Finally, the veneer is permanently bonded to your tooth.

Dental Crowns

Another common method for changing the way a tooth looks is with a dental crown. Dental crowns are also made from porcelain, but are typically used to cover drastically damaged or misshapen teeth. They come in the form of “caps” that are placed over the entirety of a tooth in order to restore strength, size and shape.

If you get a dental crown, the process may look something like this. First, your dentist will evaluate the condition of the tooth that needs the crown. Next, your tooth is shaved down to make room for the crown. You may also need a root canal, depending on the amount of damage or decay that has occurred. A mold will be taken of the tooth needing the crown. The crown is made, then cemented to the tooth.

Tooth Reshaping

If you only need a minor adjustment to the way your teeth look, you may want to consider a simple tooth reshaping procedure. This treatment isn’t nearly as intense as veneers or crowns and typically only uses sanding strips or other typical dental instruments to make the adjustments. In order to receive this procedure, your teeth should be in excellent condition. This is an inexpensive and easy way to get quick results.

Set Up a Consultation Appointment

If you think any of these tooth reshaping options is right for you, it’s best to set up a consultation appointment with us as soon as possible. We know just how important it is to have a confident smile, and we can help you achieve that through simple and effective tooth reshaping treatments. You may have thought it impossible to reshape a tooth, but now you know it’s easy, effective and quick.