Smile 9

Due to deterioration from old fillings and wear-and-tear, this patient was embarrassed by her smile. Using porcelain crowns, Dr. Geronemus transformed her smile into one that she could be proud of.

Smile 8

Smile 7

This patient experienced teeth deterioration due to a medical condition. Dr. Geronemus first strengthened the teeth using durable composite material and then splinted the teeth together with porcelain crowns. Once finished, she remarked that she hasn't had a smile like this since she was 17.

Smile 6

Aligned and repositioned teeth bringing upper teeth back to create a proper and more comfortable bite. Then, using porcelain crowns, Dr. Geronemus filled in the spaces and created an symmetrical and beautiful smile.

Smile 5

Total mouth reconstruction using all porcelain crowns and implant bridges.

Smile 3

Dr. Geronemus was able to close the space between the two front teeth via direct bonding and no tooth preparation in one visit.

Smile 2

Using porcelain veneers and minimal tooth preparation, Dr. Geronemus made the teeth longer with a brighter color to give a more youthful and energized smile in just two appointments.

Smile 1

In two appointments scheduled two weeks apart, Dr. Geronemus used porcelain veneers with minimal tooth preparation to make her teeth properly proportioned for a beautiful smile.