galleria-dentistry (1)The Statue of Liberty is not the only thing that we received from the French, the word “concierge” is another fine gift they have given us, and we have happily adopted into the English language. Upon hearing this word, most people think of staying in a fancy hotel, asking the person in charge (aka – the concierge) to help them get opera tickets, courtside seats to a professional-basketball game, tips on which local hotspots are a must-see, and showing them the luxury of being waited on hand and foot.

What they don’t usually think of is how it pertains to the world of dentistry. Many dental practices are heading in the direction of concierge dentistry, which means happier and healthier patients.  This comes with a level of service that patients don’t usually find in a typical-dental office. With this service come an experience that is sure to exceed expectations and allow patients to feel comfortable and relaxed during their visit. So what are the unparalleled benefits of choosing our office for your dental needs?