The power of a smile is an incredible thing. Sharing a smile with a friend or a stranger not only has a positive effect on your day but can boost their mood as well. Flashing your pearly whites sends happy signals to your brain and makes you feel good. When you feel good about your smile, it makes you feel confident and adds to your self-esteem. People respond positively to someone who shares their smile freely.

Unfortunately, the opposite effect often happens. When someone doesn’t feel like the have set of chompers that are worth sharing, it can have an adverse impact on many aspects of their life. From making friends and sharing your smile in social situations to the lasting impression you leave on potential employers during interviews. Feeling confident when you smile can make a huge difference when it comes to careers, such as all the great Hollywood stars who got dental work done to help launch or progress their careers.

This fact is so true that we have a story to share:

A lovely women in her mid 30’s found us on the internet and contacted us. She was in the market for a job, but only had a bicycle as her means of transportation, which made getting to interviews already somewhat of a struggle. But on top of that, she didn’t feel like her smile would help her in potential interviews because it was compromised by her teeth.
She was working with a double edge sword. Without a job she had very limited funds, so she was concerned about the cost, but she was having a hard time finding a job because of her teeth.

She came in for a consultation, and after a thorough examination, we discussed options for a short term versus long term solutions that could help her regain confidence in her smile. The long term, more desirable, and a permanent solution would be dental crowns, but unfortunately, they are also much more expensive.

Knowing how much it meant to her to be able to find a job, and the troubles she had because of her teeth, we got creative and were able to provide her with treatment. Using direct bonding she was able to get immediate results in one, cost-effective, visit.

Only an hour and a half after she came into our office she left with a beautiful smile and the confidence to find the perfect job.

We care very much about each and every one of our patients and know that each one is unique. If you are struggling with your smile, we can help. No matter how big or small the problem, or what funds you might be working with, we want our patients to feel beautiful and confident when it comes to their teeth.