Concierge Dentistry Fort Lauderdale FL

There is nothing better than a day at the spa. People love to feel special, comfortable, and pampered. Feeling relaxed and cared for is a normal human desire. So why should going to the dentist be any different? Our approach to the dental experience is to treat each and every one of our patients as human beings, not just a number or a dollar sign.

Many people avoid going to the dentist because they experience very real, and very uncomfortable, feelings of anxiety. But we know that each patient is unique and deserves to walk out of our doors, with a smile on their face, knowing that we provided the highest level of concierge care.

Our concierge practice is doing more, better, and different so that you know that you are getting the whole package. We know that no two patients are alike and that overall health and wellbeing is important. Many people don’t understand the connection that general health and stress issue have on one’s oral health, but we do. With concierge dentistry you will get personalized treatment. We understand that everyday life can take a toll on your health and oral health is our specialty, so we look at your needs from all angles.

We treat our patients like family. Rather than rushing from patient to patient, we build relationships with each one. By listening to their concerns, fears, needs, and desires we help our patients feel comfortable by building trust.

Our approach to concierge dentistry is holistic, which means we look at dentistry as being part of the bigger picture to your overall health.

Corporate Dentistry vs Concierge Dentistry

In the corporate dental world often practices are simply profit based, which lead to a more impersonal business model. Unfortunately corporate dental offices have been opening up across the nation in record number. These particular offices often do not have the patient’s best interest in mind. Individuals are treated as dollar signs and get talked into receiving expensive and unnecessary treatments based solely on how it will bring in profit for the office. This way of practicing dental care is often selfish and leaves the patient’s best interests to be something to be desired.

Concierge dentistry focuses on the patient, not the dollar sign. Our commitment lies in the individual’s safety, comfort, and the overall outcome they have in mind. So if you are looking for a more personalized experience our office approaches the care of our patients without focusing on profit.

Our approach is to put your needs first. Not just in the way we practice dental care, but in all aspects of making sure you feel safe and comfortable. Your overall health and wellbeing is something we will always keep in mind. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available 24/7 to answer any questions about what we do and how concierge dentistry is the right choice for your dental needs.